CEP 810 Week 1

For my first assignment in CEP 810 I was asked to write an essay that explains what learning is and how novices and experts differ in the process of learning. You can read the entire essay here.


Studies have shown that students will gain a deeper understanding of a desired subject if they are engaged in the topic. For example, in a Spanish class if you are discussing something that the students are able to relate to on a personal level they will have an easier time acquiring the language structures that you are teaching. As the students become experts in a certain topic they will have an easier time recognizing certain relevant patterns whereas a novice needs to have various learning opportunities to help them reach a level where they can pick out those patterns.

One comment

  1. I had the same experience growing up, simply memorizing and regurgitating. It wasn’t until I got to college that I was really pushed to think critically. I think some of the changes in education today revolves around making that transition at a much earlier age, just as suggested in your essay.
    I appreciate your example of the difference between novice and expert. It is always nice to see examples of this transition in other subject areas. The way that students grow with exposure to various subjects is an interesting process. It is important to understand this and adapt our instruction accordingly.


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