CEP 810 Week 2: Networked Learning Project Post 1

This week in my CEP 810 class I have been asked to learn how to do something that I have always wanted to learn. Being a millennial, many of us have decided to cut the cable cord in order to save money and live within our means. This is problematic for me as an avid sports fan. I do not watch much on TV but I love to watch sporting events, something that is very difficult to do without paying those steep cable/satellite rates. Recently there have been an abundance of options for those of us wishing to cut the cord.

We have things like Hulu and Netflix for streaming purposes, and recently Dish Network has launched their Sling TV service for $20 a month that gives subscribers access to things like ESPN, but as a Detroit sports fan there is still much to be desired.

Naturally, one could just purchase an over the air antenna, but most of these are not strong enough when working perfectly, and things rarely work perfectly. For this reason I have decided to learn how to build my own over the air antenna in order to receive free local stations.

There is a large community of enthusiastic cord cutters along with discussion forums and DIY YouTube videos that I will utilize. You can view one such example here.

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