21st Century Lesson Plan

This week in my CEP 810 course we were asked to create a twenty-first century lesson plan that ties into my current curriculum.

In Spanish 2 we spend a lot of our time making cultural comparisons. In our current unit of study we are learning to talk about what we do in our free time (places we like to go, activities we like and do not like to participate in, making plans for the future). As a part of every unit there is a cultural component. Cultures are always an area that I have struggled to teach as students lose interest if it is a topic that is not directly relatable to them. For this reason, I have chosen to have the students do a research assignment on their country of study that they have already picked out earlier this year. They will then compare and contrast their favorite pastimes to the pastimes of teenagers in their country of study, in an effort to gain a better understanding of and relate to other cultures.

Students will begin by working with a partner and presenting on their own favorite pastimes to the class. This will be done in Spanish as they already have learned how to talk about these things in the target language. The students will have an option of using Google Slides, vcasmo, or Prezi to share their information with the class.

The next step will be for them to research pastimes in their country of study and to complete a cultural comparison. They will report their findings to the class as well as reflect on why the pastimes in their country are different from what teenagers in the United States are doing. To share their findings the students will create a Voicethread that includes photos from their country of study. This will also be completed in the target language.

To conclude this assignment students will write about their findings in a blog entry and post links to their presentations to their wiki portfolio. In their blog they will be asked to reflect upon prejudices and stereotypes that they might have thought about when beginning the assignment, and to share how their ideas have shifted after completing the assignment.

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