CEP 810 Networked Learning Project #3

In my final post on my Networked Learning Project for CEP 810 I will share the progress that I have made along with the sources that I have used. Using a variety of YouTube videos and help forums I have successfully built my own HDTV antenna. One of the most complicated parts of this task was deciding which antenna I can build, as there are several options available.

To recap what the project that I have been working on, my class had to pick a skill that we have always wanted to learn and go out and learn out to do it. The catch was that we could only use YouTube videos and online help forums to acquire our chosen skill.

I began by attempting to build one of the simple cardboard and aluminum foil models out there. Such examples can be seen on several do-it-yourself pages such as this one. After procuring all of the necessary parts I build the antenna and it worked worse than the overpriced store-bought model that I already had in my house.

After turning to one of the most popular DIY HDTV Antenna Forums I decided on building a variation of this model that I found on YouTube. After searching the Internet even more I decided to work smarter and not harder and begin with a simple folded dipole model found here.  Once I plugged it into my TV and did a search for channels I found that the simple model I have constructed would be sufficient for my current needs. I may go back later and build one of the more complex models when I have the time to do so.

I really enjoyed the networked learning project, and the methods that we were asked to use to employ a new skill. I did struggle with this project initially because once I began digging around on YouTube and on help forums I found that there was an abundance of information out there, and I had to sift through the information that was actually useful to me. Once I was able to do that the process was really quiet simple.

The video of my success can be seen below. In the video it only worked for a second because I am uncoordinated and dropped it.

Having enjoyed this process I am already thinking about how I might be able to employ a networked learning project in a foreign language class. Because my students don’t have a deep basis of understanding in the language, trying to use such a method to help them acquire language would be difficult. I do think that they could do a networked learning project to learn about culture. Another thing I could do is very similar to the project that we did, where they would have to go out and learn a skill and then present on it in Spanish. One of my favorite things about this project was that I was able to learn a skill that I was interested in learning. Because it was a topic that I was passionate about, I was able to remain engaged in the process even through my frustrations.

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