Cooking With TPACK

This week I had some fun with our Cooking With TPACK assignment. I began by putting slips numbered one through five into a hat, with each number representing a different task. My wife selected task number four, which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Next, she had to choose a plate, a bowl, and a random utensil that I would use to make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For this task she solicited the help of our one year old daughter, Ellie. Ellie chose the plate, the bowl, and the utensil by crawling to the one that I would have to use. Ellie selected a large serving plate, our fruit bowl, and a pair of tongs. Since I had no knife, I had to repurpose the tongs into a tool to scoop the peanut butter and jelly.

As I did this, I thought of what the implications were in a classroom. Many times teachers will integrate technology into their lectures to “spice” them up, but at the end of a day a lecture is still a lecture. One of the problems with technology integration is that there are not many tools out there that are designed with education in mind. It is our job as educators to repurpose existing tools so that they fit our needs.

This assignment made me think about TPACK (the integration of technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and content knowledge) because in order to be successful I had to integrate my background knowledge knowledge (the ingredients needed to make a  PB&J ), along with my pedagogical knowledge (how to make actually make the sandwich), and my technological knowledge (how can I successfully use the tools that were given to me). Like a teacher who has to integrate all three of these aspects when introducing technology into the classroom, I had to integrate them to make the sandwich. You can enjoy my video below.

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