CEP 810 Final Reflection

The last 7 weeks in CEP 810 have been filled with valuable learning, exploration, and creating through the use of different technologies.

What I really enjoyed about CEP 810 was that it enabled me to improve my own technological skills and to really take time to reflect on the learning process from the perspective of a student, as opposed to always being a teacher. We did a networked learning project that enabled me to learn a skill that I have been wanting to learn for a while, as well as experience the integration of technology as a part of the learning process. Through this project I was also able to gain an understanding of the difficulties and frustrations my own students may experience if I were to ask them to do something similar in my own classroom.

We also learned about the use of social media to grow our professional learning networks which will only serve to enhance our classrooms. I had never considered Twitter as a tool that could help my teaching practice, but after exploring for a bit I have been able to expand my language teacher network and it has opened me up to a whole world of resources that I would not have otherwise found.

Throughout this course I have been able to reflect on what thoughtful technology integration would look like. If you give students the opportunity to explore and create using technology in a meaningful manner, then the lesson will be far more successful. One of the points that really struck home for me during our week learning about TPACK was the point that a lecture is still a lecture, even if we jazz it up with some technology integration as many of the teachers that we work with everyday try to do. The use of technology in the classroom is wonderful, but it absolutely must be integrated in a meaningful way.

As I continue working toward my ultimate goal of meaningful technology integration in my own classroom, I still have questions of what that will look like in a world language classroom. An area that I struggle with is that we are striving to be a proficiency based program, so how can I let the students explore and create when they have yet to acquire the language to be able to do so on their own? I am unsure of what the answer to that question is, but look forward to finding out.

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