The Way We Teach Must Change

WeVideoIn my new course, CEP 811, we have been challenged to learn and reflect about “maker culture.” This topic goes well with an idea that I have been thinking about for a few years: creativity in our classrooms.

I think that the manner in which many traditional classrooms run are not conducive to creativity and making, and because of this they are not conducive to true learning. I think that our system as it stands are outdated, and as such does not currently tie into the Maker Culture. I first began thinking about this a few years ago when we were asked to listen to a TED Talk in our Professional Learning Community (PLC) given by Sir Ken Robinson.

All of this comes at a time when the state of our education system is a hot button issue, in which many have weighed in with different ideas.

This week in CEP 811 we were tasked to make a “Remix video” based off an idea that we have using a video editing tool called WeVideo. This is one of the more frustrating assignments that I have had in my MAET program at Michigan State University. Usually technology and learning to use new technological tools comes easily to me, but I struggled with this video assignment.

I began the assignment by searching Creative Commons for videos and pictures that would support my idea. This part was relatively time consuming, but not all that difficult. From there, I began importing my resources into WeVideo. This is where the assignment became challenging. After playing with the tool I thought that I understood it, but the assignment still proved to be very difficult. As I bumbled through trying to make my video I lost my work several times and struggled to get the clips and pictures cut into the proper length. This is a cool tool to use, and I have a lot of different ideas for how I might bring it into my own classroom; however, not before I have a lot more time to play and practice with it as making a short 1 minute video took me several hours.

You can view my completed remix video here: Remix Video

Remix Credits

Robinson, Sir Ken (16 Oct 2008).  Changing Education Paradigms [Video file]. Retrieved from

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