Make a Vocabulary Acquisition Game – A Lesson Plan Within the Maker Movement

Lesson planning within the Maker Movement is difficult, especially when you teacher a world language. Typically when we do reading on the maker movement, the ideas that are available out there only apply to the STEM courses, leaving us world language teachers out in the cold.

This week I was tasked with building a lesson using my maker kit, the MaKey MaKey. I started this process in a panic as I had no idea how I was going to incorporate this into a language class. I decided to stick with the idea that I had for my prototype (as of this post I still do not have a functioning MaKey MaKey) and have my students create a vocabulary acquisition game that they can teach to lower level Spanish students in either Spanish 1 or in our exploratory courses at the middle school level.(Click here to view the lesson plan in full)

As a World Language teacher I find incorporating the ideas of the Maker Movement to be difficult. In our language methodologies classes we learn that students need a ton of comprehensible input, and that output will come over time. It seems to me that within the Maker Movement we are asking students for output at an earlier stage. I chose to have them create a vocabulary game because they are still getting input while they make the game, and then they are providing input for our lower level students, while getting language output for themselves. I found that while I am giving up control of my class and of language input (extremely difficult and uncomfortable for some language teachers) I can still find other ways for my students to be provided with input and for them to achieve my desired learning targets.

I hope that you enjoy my lesson plan linked above, and welcome any feedback or questions that you might have.

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