The Importance of #MakerEd

As usual this week’s assignment in CEP 811 was both super challenging and super fun! We were asked to think about all that we have learned in this course about the Maker Movement, and combine our ideas into an infographic. First, finding the right tool to convey the ideas that I wanted to share was very challenging. After playing a little bit with all of the tools that our instructors shared with us, I decided on Easelly as the tool that best fit my needs.

Once I decided which tool would best serve my purpose, I had to decide on what information I wanted to share. I decided to look at Maker Education vs. Traditional Education, and why #MakerEd is so important as we go forward as an educational institution. Throughout this course I have focused on the ideas of Sir Ken Robinson and his premise that education as we know it was designed to fit the needs of the Industrial Revolution and have not changed since. My ideas have also been influenced by Halverson and Sheridan as they described what a 21st Century classroom could look like.

I hope that you enjoy my infographic.


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