CEP 811 Week 7: Final Thoughts

Throughout CEP 811 we have been challenged to think about not only how we deliver our instruction, but what content we are delivering in our instruction. When I began CEP 811 I came in with a closed mind to Maker Education. I had heard of it, but was stuck in the belief that MakerEd was for STEM courses only. I thought that I would not be able to apply it to my job as a Spanish teacher.

As time passed and I began to research Maker Ed and learn more about it I quickly grew to learn that my preconceptions were wrong, and that if I would only embrace what I was learning I would grow as a teacher. In the past I have integrated technology in the same way that many educators do. I would use it to drive my lesson, but it really wasn’t any different from a lesson that I might give if I didn’t have access to technology.

In CEP 811 I have learned that students should be creating things and solving real world problems. I also think that this can even be done in a foreign language class. I designed a lesson in which my students would utilize the vocabulary and language that they have acquired to teach lower level Spanish learners new vocabulary. The students would design a game for the lower level students, and as such would have to assess their own progress in creating the game, but also the lower level students.

While it will not always be easy to design creative lessons like this, going through this process has altered the way I think about my own content, and I will be sure to do more within my curriculum to have the students creating with the language.

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