WPP: Rethinking How We Teach

This semester in CEP 812 we were asked to join a think tank and to address a “wicked problem”. Some of my colleagues and I decided that we would address the problem of rethinking teaching. Our discussions took us in several different directions, and it did not take us long to see that this is a truly wicked problem.

I think that in our current climate there is a push to rethink the way that we teach, and that progress has been made; however, it is slow progress. In thinking about this problem our think tank discussed the following issues:

1. Teacher Preparation Programs Are Outdated

As education changes teachers are finding themselves in a role of coach or facilitator as opposed to the old-school sage on the stage approach that many older millennials grew up with; however, teacher education programs have remained largely unchanged (Mendez, 2014).

2. Our School Buildings Are Outdated

There is a push within education to help students acquire 21st century skills; however, we are stuck teaching in buildings, classrooms, and learning spaces that were designed with a 19th century mindset (Stevens, 2012).

3. Our Current Teacher Evaluation System Is Ineffective

There is currently a movement within the federal and state governments to increasingly tie teacher evaluations with test scores. There are a variety of influencing factors that determine how successful a student is on a test, and teacher evaluations are not necessarily an accurate reflection on the quality of classroom instruction (O’Connor, 2014).

The below infographic illustrates these points:


After deeply discussing our wicked problem, we were asked to try to solve this problem. You can read what our think tank came up with here!


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Stevens, M. (2012). 21st Century Learner. Retrieved from http://www.nea.org/home/46989.htm

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