About My Classroom

About Clarkston High School

I am a Spanish instructor at Clarkston High School in Clarkston, MI. In terms of student enrollment numbers Clarkston High School is the third largest high school in the state, behind only Macomb Dakota and Grand Blanc High School. CHS currently serves students in grades 10-12, with the vast majority of my students being sophomores.

About My Students

Clarkston is socioeconomically diverse located in Northern Oakland County. As such my students come from diverse backgrounds and bring different experiences into the classroom. Much of the community is blue collar and middle class. 90% of the students at CHS will move on to post-secondary training, be it at the community college level, university level, or a trade school.

Sample of Classroom Projects and Activities

Sample Speaking Prompt: A Day at the Amusement Park

Explanation: Language is all about communication! In this speaking prompt students museums1fourseasonshold a dialogue about a day spent at an amusement park, zoo, aquarium, or museum. Beyond simply
describing where they went and what they did, they are probed a bit deeper on their day with follow-up questions (e.g. What rides did you go on? Which were fun? Which were scary? What zoo animal was your favorite and why? Etc.)



Movie Analysis: When I Was a Child

Explanation: Students use the two past-tenses to describe different aspects of movies from their childhood including setting, characters, conflict/resolution, and the ending.

Legend Analysis: Beatriz la quemada

Explanation: In this activity students analyze and interpret an authentic Spanish legend. quemada1They use Diigo to highlight the main elements of the story as well as to ask and respond to any of their classmate’s questions that they may have as they read. Finally, they discuss with their classmates via message board what they think is the moral of this story. This activity is a terrific way to get your students collaborating on working through a text, as well as explaining their ideas based off of what they have read.

Pop Culture: Project Culture Exhibition

Explanation: In this activity students were asked to choose a relevant person in pop culture from the Hispanic world. They then had to research that person and prepare a speech about that person’s life. They had to record their information to a video on FlipGrid. Students used Google Docs to prepare their information as well as peer edit and provide feedback to two classmates using the commenting feature. Click here for an example of the ShareTracker that I used for submission as well as an example of the peer editing that went on.

Click here for examples from my Spanish 3 class.


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