Useful Technology Tools


Padlet is an application that allows users to post their ideas on a digital wall, which can be displayed from your projector for all to see. The posts are able to have digital images, links, and even videos.

Different ways to use it:

1. Summarize ideas: This can serve as a bell ringer to summarize an idea from a previous lesson, or as a way to close a lesson out at the end of class to check your students’ understanding on a given topic.

2. Predicting Activity: Great readers often make predictions while they read. You can have your students post their predictions and discuss them as a class as they work through a text.

3. Submitting Responses During a Lesson: We all have students who have great ideas but are too shy to share them aloud during class. They can post their ideas on a padlet.

4. Lesson Feedback: As you’re teaching students can post what they understand well, what they do not understand well, and what they would like practice with.

These ideas would fall under the substitution and augmentation sections on the SAMR model, as they replace things many of us already are doing in our classrooms with a new technology tool. They enable communication from our students and the sharing of ideas, but do not really enhance our lessons.